Our Favorite Tools and Resources

In 2018 we’ve partnered with a few select companies that serve the entrepreneurial community. They help us keep the podcast going and have also demonstrated the ability to help others grow their businesses. Check them out:

Looking for a reliable and hands-off way to scale your company’s revenue? Growth Ninja is an industry leading Facebook ads service that can exponentially scale your sales funnel.  


Looking to buy or sell a website? Empire Flippers takes the friction out of the process. Check out
their free valuation tool and see how much your website is worth today.


Need help with your business’s bookkeeping? Bean Ninjas will manage your account in Xero on a weekly or monthly basis. Check it them out here.


Interested in having your company, service or product featured on this page? Let’s chat. 

You can find some of our favorite products and services from last year here. 

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