TMBA 162 (LBP139) – “P” is for Product

Entrepreneurial integrity and the true drive of a hustler shine through in this week’s episode of the Lifestyle Business Podcast.  With a dose of that familiar Dan and Ian banter and a sprinkle of delightful puns, they break it down in a longer than usual episode to bring you the valuable marketing mojo you’re looking for.

They pick apart the rip, pivot and jam formula to make sure you’re honing in on the proper pivot and jam methods while telling you why many people get a little off track at this point.  You’ll also get Dan and Ian’s riverside hut metaphor to guide you in your quest of setting up shop and getting your first customers.

You’re Mission, if you Choose to Accept it…

  • Why you need to stop waiting for permission and accept your mission.
  • Dan’s entrepreneurial litmus test to ensure your motivations are beyond opportunism.
  • How to rip, pivot and jam for results while avoiding whack pivots.
  • Why building your hut in a rice patty does you no good – and how to reposition your shack to catch the most fish.
  • The difference between a good employee and a great employee. (It’s not what you think)


Just The Tips

  • Daily Diary Writing

The Jam

The Limited Attention Span Jam:

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Episode length: 28:45


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