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Latest Episodes


TMBA596: What’s Really Stopping You From Achieving Wealth?

Welcome back to another episode in our long-running series The Re-Readables, where we revisit some of our favorite business books to find out if they stand the test of time.

How to Get Rich was written in 2009 by author and entrepreneur Felix Dennis.

Felix was the founder of Maxim magazine, and he aimed to create a book about getting rich from “someone who didn’t need to write it”. The result is incredibly funny, direct, and thought-provoking.

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TMBA595: Hiring Tips for Remote Companies in 2021

This week’s episode features insider knowledge on the processes behind hiring and recruiting remote talent from someone who has been deeply involved in the industry for over a decade.

Greg is the Senior Recruiter at Dynamite Jobs, as well as one of The Bossman’s closest friends. Avid listeners might remember his name from the “ferret story” that we’ve shared on this podcast in the past. (We’ll touch on it again in this episode as well)

His addition to our team has been pivotal as we’ve been developing our flat-rate done-for-you recruitment services.

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TMBA594: Predictions About the Near Future – The Sovereign Individual

This week’s episode is another installment of “The Re-Readables”, a series in which we revisit some of our favorite business books to find out if they stand the test of time.

Greg Gerber has become something of a regular contributor here on the Podcast.

Greg is the founder of BitLift, and he is our go-to guy for all things blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Greg joins us this week to talk about a book that has become eerily prescient, particularly among the cryptocurrency crowd.

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TMBA593: How to Get a Great Remote Job

We’ve been seeing some truly explosive growth at Dynamite Jobs since the start of 2021, and we’ve been helping more businesses than ever find great remote talent for their teams.

When our friend Brendan Tully reached out to us on Twitter recently with some suggestions on how we could help candidates find better jobs, we knew we had to talk to him.

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TMBA592: An Entrepreneurial Approach to Investing

What if your knowledge as an entrepreneur could benefit you as an investor?

We’ve talked about cryptocurrency and unorthodox investments in the past on this show, but the traditional financial system is still something of a mystery to a lot of entrepreneurs.

Enter Simon Stock.

Simon is a longtime friend of ours, who cut his teeth as an entrepreneur running eCommerce businesses.

These days, Simon is a full-time investor, and his approach to the stock market is not unlike the way that many of us have run our own businesses.

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TMBA591: The Surprising Habits of Wealthy People with Noah Kagan

Our good friend Noah Kagan recently published a video that caught our attention.

Noah is the founder of, and his YouTube channel has been one of our favorite destinations as of late for thoughtful content about entrepreneurship and creating wealth.

That video was called 10 Surprising Things About My Richest Friends, and in it, Noah outlined some specific habits that he has seen time and time again among the wealthiest people in his social circle.

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