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Latest Episodes


TMBA590: Mailbag: How Long Does it Really Take to Achieve Freedom?

We always love receiving thoughtful questions from Tropical MBA listeners around the world.

A few weeks ago, a winter storm in Texas forced us to re-run one of our favorite episodes of this show called 7 Things to Consider When Selling Your Business, in which Dan and Ian describe the process of selling their eCommerce business back in 2015.

Our decision to revisit that particular story elicited a ton of responses from those of you who had never heard it before, and from those who were listening to it with a fresh perspective nearly five years later.

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TMBA589: Creating a Software Business Without Technical Expertise

We’ve been devoting a lot of time on this podcast recently to SaaS or “Software as a Service” businesses.

That’s because we love the upside of SaaS, including the potential for generating recurring revenue and creating life-changing exits.

But is it possible to create a software business without knowing how to code?

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TMBA588: Getting Comfortable With Failure

When it comes to entrepreneurship, failure can often be more important than winning.

So many of the greatest success stories start with failure because it’s what we learn from those failures that ultimately leads us to the success that we seek.

Today’s guest describes himself as “an expert at failure”.

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TMBA587: The Real Problem With Fake Reviews

When we received an email from today’s guest, we were fascinated by his story and we knew that we had to speak to him.

Curtis Boyd is the founder of two incredibly unique businesses.

The first one is a bespoke consultancy for high-level service companies and the second one is a software as a service business called

Both of these businesses were created with a singular goal in mind: to identify and dispute fake reviews on the internet.

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TMBA586: The Reformed “Bad Boss”

After a wild and dramatic week in Austin TX, we are excited to return to our regularly scheduled programming and to highlight an entrepreneur with a unique career trajectory.

Casey von Neumann started out as many of us do, by freelancing, teaching music classes to students in Atlanta, G.A.

As her client base grew, she began scaling her services into a full-blown music school called Eclectic Music and has since built multiple businesses in the education space.

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