TMBA 192 (LBP159) – A Philosophical Conversation : Gettin’ Paid vs. Makin’ Bank

Dan and Ian are joined on the show today by good friend and incredibly gifted entrepreneur Jon Myers.  Jon is a customer experience and user interface designer with an impressive client roster including some of the organizations to which you may pay taxes.

The fellas dive into the concept of simply running a comfortable company to pay the bills, and taking the next step to baller status.  It’s more than just getting more customers, and as you’ll find out in this episode, it takes a little work on yourself and your business practices in tandem.

Are You Makin’ $, or Makin’ $$$$$$?

  • Reverse engineering your customer experience and examining touch points for maximal impact.
  • How cultivating your professional image is a bit like developing your poker face; and how that will help you step up your game.
  • Why long ball thinking is more than just planning your future; and how you can get started today.
  • The second wave of the Four Hour Work Week and why it’s a world different than the first.


BlacksBeach-captioned-smallOn the beach, enjoying some rays and the fresh breeze – Marc

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Episode length: 27:46

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