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The Story

That’s us above — Dan and Ian — and we’re your not-so-professional radio hosts.

Our show started in 2009. It was part personal expression and part cry for help. We wanted to meet others on this crazy entrepreneurial journey.

Back then we hardly knew anybody growing a location independent business, especially one that had real physical products. It seemed to us that most of the websites and podcasts weren’t run by people with compelling business experience or insights. We wanted to meet others who we felt were legit.

So we started sharing our story on a more or less weekly basis.

Because of that, many of the episodes were just me and Ian sharing the stuff we were learning directly from our day to day work. That business taught us a lot. It started with – literally – a dream, and ended with a multi-seven figure exit.

Many listeners say that those were the ‘glory days’ of the show. Alas, we have grown older and have sometimes found ourselves at a loss for words.

Recently we’ve been focused on telling the stories of the entrepreneurs we’ve met along the way. And as the show’s reach has grown, so has our ability to attract thought leaders relevant to our space.

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