TMBA260: The Long Road to Mid 5-Figure Months

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We put Taylor Pearson in charge of our Portable Bar company in its infancy, and he helped us grow our business 527% in the first 18 months, to the point where we are consistently having healthy mid 5-figure months. This week, Bossman is back and we are chatting with Taylor about what it’s like to evolve from a small business that is just keeping the lights on to a real significant source of wealth. We’re talking about the old-school tactics we used to grow our business, and how we have used the advice that we give in this show in real life situations.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • 5 insights that we had about the marketing process for our portable bar company.
  • How we got into selling portable bars.
  • The history of the cold call in our business.
  • Why it can be more important to get feedback from customers than to get another sale.
  • How we used technology to create transparency when other players in the industry couldn’t.
  • What “Marketing Stamina” is and how you can cultivate it.

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Silver Moon's Brewing Semi Permanent Bar Setup

Silver Moon’s Brewing Semi Permanent Bar Setup

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