TMBA354: Who is Mr. Regular? The Story Behind the Hit YouTube Channel Regular Car Reviews

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This is the second instalment of our three-part series in which Dan and Ian talk to people who have turned their personal obsessions into successful businesses.

This week you’ll be hearing from someone that Ian has admired, and wanted to chat with, for quite some time: Mr. Regular. Mr. R is one of the hosts of Regular Car Reviews, a very successful YouTube channel that combines car reviews with pop culture, references to literature, social commentary and much more. The results are hilarious, sharp and insightful.

But today’s show is not just for ‘car people’. Mr. Regular also shares his insights on how he got started publishing content on YouTube four years ago, what motivates him and the relationship he seeks to build with his audience.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • What led to the inception of Regular Car Reviews. (3:35)
  • What Mr. Regular’s business relationship with The Roman is like. (9:31)
  • Whether or not Mr. Regular is making a full-time living off of his YouTube channel. (12:26)
  • How a car that they built has become the de facto face of their brand. (24:43)
  • Why Mr. Regular still worries that Regular Car Reviews could fail. (40:35)

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