TMBA325: A Conversation With Ribbonfarm’s Venkat Rao

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On this week’s show, Dan is speaking with Venkatesh Rao, author of RibbonFarm, a rich philosophy blog about technology, entrepreneurship, work structures and much more. He also recently launched an essay series called Breaking Smart, exploring the relationship between humanity and technology.

In a wide-ranging conversation Dan and Venkat talk about, amongst other things, the difference between a ‘business model’ and a ‘business philosophy; what Silicon Valley really thinks about bootstrapped start-ups; the danger of getting locked into ‘mental models’ of perceived knowledge and what it means to be power-literate.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How we can redefine our relationship with money. (4:23)
  • The difference between a being a Missionary and being a Mercenary. (12:02)
  • What “The Gervais Principle” is and how it applies to Lifestyle Designers. (19:10)
  • How you can hit the “Refresh Button” on your mental models. (39:51)
  • Venkash’s thoughts on work ethic and how he has been able to create such a strong output level in his writing. (51:37)

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