TMBA366: A Conversation with Ricardo Semler

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On today’s show, Dan and Ian are going to be speaking with someone who has inspired them both for a very long time. In fact, he is the author of one of the most cited books on this podcast.

Maverick is Ricardo Semler‘s account of how he was able to transform his family’s traditional manufacturing business into an experiment that introduced the world to his innovative business practices. Even though the book is over 20 years old, today’s entrepreneurs are still looking to it for inspiration.

Ricardo opens up about what his life has looked like since the book was published, and how he has began to spread those innovations to other aspects of society and through LeadWise and Semco Style Institute.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How Ricardo felt after he transitioned out of Semco. (6:12)
  • Whether or not Ricardo was aware of the reputation his book had build in the entrepreneurial community. (10:05)
  • Why Ricardo decided to burn hundreds of his books in a fire pit. (12:57)
  • How Ricardo is starting to transfer some of his innovative business practices into his community. (25:37)
  • The benefits of seeking internal satisfaction. (35:03)

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