TMBA 068 (LBP68) – How We Sold A Blog For 5 Figures + Interview With Chris Ducker

In this Episode, Dan and Ian announce how the sale of their blog,, went. You will learn why they decided that it was time to sell this property and that Chris Ducker is the new owner.

Chris is the only guy in the outsourcing industry whose products Dan and Ian have backed in the past (e.g. Virtual Staff Finder) so he’s the perfect buyer. This week’s meat & potatoes section consists of an interview with Chris Ducker. Dan and Chris talk about

  • Chris’ future plans with OutsourceToThePhilippines.
  • Outsourcing tips.
  • How much you can expect to pay your home-based VA.
  • What inspires Chris to keep working hard everyday in an environment (Philippines) where many other expats don’t have a similar drive.

In the quick tips section you will learn of a piece of software that finally makes running and building membership sites both easy for the owner and usable for the customers.

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Episode length: 34:04

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