TMBA 121 (LBP109) – The 7 Types Of Entrepreneurs And Johnny Arbitrage

This week Dan and Ian were reminded of a great project that you have all helped us to grow in the Lifestyle Business Podcast community. To date you guys have raised over $5000 on Kiva micro-funding businesses and entrepreneurs in developing countries. That’s pretty baller.

Check out our Kiva page to pay it forward cause that’s what entrepreneurs do.

What else do entrepreneurs do? Well, what an entrepreneur does depends a lot on what type of entrepreneur they are.

What Are The 7 Types Of Entrepreneurs?

  • The Dominator – Ultimate alpha personality
  • The Poker Player – Clever at gaming systems
  • The Hustler – Workin’ angles and hustlin’ deals
  • The Wanderer – Curious about learning and seeks intellectual stimulation
  • The Builder – Focused and productive about their craft
  • The Tech Savant – Structurally creates things with massive value
  • Visionary – Sees broader opportunity in daily detail
And Johnny Arbitrage

Listener Questions:

  • I’ve been interested in location independence for the past several years. I wanted to see if you had some insight on how a owner of a service business could go about becoming location independent in a place like Bali or Vietnam while still running rather lean and correctly. – Clay from Center Stage Entertainment Marketing


Just The Tips

  • Surge II Backpack
  • Pretty Lights Remix of New York State of mind featuring Biggy Smalls

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Episode length: 20:43


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