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If you’ve been listening to the TMBA podcast for a while, you’ll recognize this week’s guest from a show we did about a year and a half ago called “Is It Getting Harder to Grow a Successful Business Selling Info Products?“.

It ended up being one of our most popular episodes, so Dan and Ian decided to invite Shayna Oliveira of Espresso English back onto the program, to follow up on her story.

Shayna will be talking about a range of new topics, including pricing, positioning and marketing info products in today’s entrepreneurial landscape.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How long it should take for someone to learn a second language. (4:46)
  • The reason Shayna believes that info products are never going to go extinct. (7:30)
  • How Espresso English has evolved since the last time Shayna was on our show. (9:49)
  • Why Shayna has not been aggressively pursuing growth in her business. (12:54)
  • One of the strategies that has had the most impact on Shayna’s business. (25:15)

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