TMBA 138 (LBP121) – How Solving Problems For 500,000 Users Inspired the Idea for SupportBee

This week Dan is the one hard at work and Ian is asleep on the job. Stranger things have happened…ever seen a tabloid alien story?

Dan took the opportunity to chat up Prateek Dayal, founder of startups like Muziboo and recently SupportBee. Dan and Ian met Prateek as they traveled across Vietnam this summer meeting up with folks from the Dynamite Circle and LBP listeners.

Having started companies from India, Santiago Chile, and now Saigon Vietnam, they knew they had to have him on the show to learn more about his travel adventures and success as a location-free entrepreneur, including:

  • How Solving Your Own Problems Can Inspire Your New Business
  • The Net Different in Lifestyle and Business: Chile vs. Vietnam
  • Cafes, Laptops, and the Sexy Saigon Wi-Fi Scene
  • Using Known Quantities in Blogging To Get Hacker News Quality Traffic
Also in the listener questions part of the show, you’ll find out the #1 SEO Strategy That ALWAYS Works

Listener Questions
  • SEO is kicking my ass.  I am about to launch a website which will provide a daily workout program people can follow from their apartment complexes’ fitness centers.  I know search engines give more points to older sites.  Should I be searching for an established domain to buy or, since there is not a lot of competition in the arena, start from scratch with a new URL.  – From Kyle in Austin
  • In a lot of podcast episodes you guys have talked about micro-multinational business and being micro-moguls. I’m curious if you guys have resources/websites where you follow these topics? More importantly, do you think covering this topic – micro-multis and micro-moguls – could be a monetizable blog topic? – From Tim Moon


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Episode length: 26:45


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