TMBA 129 (LBP114) – Sometimes We Are The Champions, Sometimes We Are Awful

It’s been a really rough week for Dan and Ian. This is mostly due to the fact that they arrived in the Philippines to meet with 14 bright eyed participants of our August TMBA Session and it was a bit of a challenge.

At least they are still able to laugh about things

Not because of the participants.

Instead they encountered a slight typhoon wreaking havoc on Manila, Batangas City & Pier, Mindoro, Puerto Galera, and Badladz Resort. In other words, they were surrounded by the storm. What should have been a fun 3-hour tour of the Philippines to get to the resort turned in to an adventure of epic proportions. But everyone arrived safe and sound, amped up on the adrenaline of their adventure, with huge grins on their faces and dates with their beds.

Which is to say, in true internet meme fashion, sometimes owning a business isn’t all double rainbows and Tiger Blood. Sometimes, you are killin’ it and sometimes you are struggling to get it all done, through some pretty adverse situations and circumstances.

What Are Some Of The Things They Learned This Week?

  • Not Planning In Advance – Do you follow through with stuff from the beginning, or do you put it off? Does it cost you – time, money, relationships?
  • Spending Time Doing Stuff You Aren’t Putting Your Best Energy Into – Staring at a computer screen for 3 hours doesn’t help anyone. Are you being productive or are you keeping busy?
  • Doing Things That Others Can Do – Are you taking your employee development seriously? What are you delegating and what are you holding on to?
  • Maintaining Cash Flows (Known Quantities) Instead Of Breaking New Ground – If you know how to scale and develop you business, are you able to make the tough decisions about where to invest resources – even if it means taking away from other parts of the company?

The Winner is Tropical Passion

Listener Feedback

  • Good news! Laundry soap was on sale… I had the choice of “Mountain Rain”, or “Tropical Passion.” Guess which one I chose? I went for the “EXTRA Tropical Passion”… You guys influenced my buying decision today! Sounds like the laundry soap people need to sponsor your podcast! P.S. Google has you ranked #1 for the search term “lifestyle business taco sauce” LOL
    Eric Foster – aka The Boo-Yah Taco Bell Sauce Guy.


Matt Kowalak and his business partner Jamon, are offering an internship with their manufacturing & outsourcing company, High Cappin’. We met Matt at the June TMBA Session and the guy is so baller when it comes to this stuff we invited him and Jamon to speak at our August TMBA Session as featured experts. We were a little worried the CEO might jump ship for this gig, but he assures us he’s gonna stay put…for now. Check Out The High Cappin Internship Details Here

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