TMBA 119 (LBP108) – Solving The Problem Of Startups

Everyday they’re hustlin’

We’re a few days in to the first Tropical MBA Startup Session here in Puerto Galera and the entire team is buzzing with excitement and motivation working with these guys. Basically Dan and Ian just wander around with huge grins on their faces helping the guys with their startups.

If you walked in to the think tank on Monday night of 11 entrepreneurs with their noses buried in laptops hustlin’ their little fingers off on keyboards.  Most past midnight. They were up by 8-9 AM the next morning and back at it.

Entrepreneurs hustle hard. Which means they need to party hard too. And last night the folks at Badladz Resort did it up right and threw a party, complete with amazing live band and Filipino delicacies like balut & fried chicken heads. Which left some folks a little fuzzy headed this morning.

This Tropical MBA thing seems to work. The participants are working, learning, growing, building, and spending some time escaping all that with people who are going through the exact same thing. Talk about a cure for entrepreneurial loneliness!

Does this make you a little misty that you weren’t able to sign up for our summer sessions? Well. There’s good news for you. We’re going to be hosting another session in October of this year. Drop your email in the form below to sign up for early notification and get the details privately by email before we announce them to the public.

Last time each session sold out within 36 hours and we didn’t even get to make the announcement to the public. So being on this list is key if you want in

Tropical MBA Session Relaxing At White Beach

Listener Questions:

  • I had a question about a point you made on the podcast and seemed pretty adamant about.  I remember you guys talking about not getting into the software biz if you don’t know software. The problem is I know nothing about software and envision this costing thousands to get to beta testing phase.  – Chris
  • Could I ask your thoughts on market positioning, when it comes to ‘piggy-backing’ off already-existing products?  I run a web course called the “Shopify Course: Build an online store in a weekend”, which teaches entrepreneurs and business owners how to build an online store quick-smart using Shopify (  I’ve aimed it at people with limited web-building experience, who have either heard of Shopify or just want to create/update their online store to sell online.  I’m struggling a bit to position it though, with wording and where to market it. – Tristan

Ian, Tim & Dan After A Bike Ride Around PG


Just The Tips

Thanks to Tim Conley from Foolish Adventure and Dan Norris for posting pics on Twitter that we could steal for the post

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