TMBA 154 (LBP132) – “The Imagination Economy” and Other Predictions for 2013

Dan’s set a Sunday deadline for finishing his first book and getting it to a group of Beta readers. Ian and Dan have laid out the upcoming meetups for DCers with definite meetups in April (Europe) and October (Bangkok – #DCBKK) and a potential get together in the Phillipines in March.

In today’s episode Dan and Ian make some predictions for 2013 and beyond. Turns out, they think Seth Godin is a pretty smart guy.

“The Imagination Economy” and Other Predictions for 2013

  • Start marketing your product today, even if it’s not ready.
  • The #1 metric that will make or break your business in 2013.
  • The most valuable skill that businesses will ned in 2013. (Hint: It’s not PR firms, web design, or SEO).
  • Why the economy of 2013 will send eBooks the way of Microsoft.
  • If you aren’t publishing, you’re renouncing leadership in your industry.
  • The rise of the 4-Hour Work Week generation and what it means for the future of business.
  • Looks like corporations are catching on to this whole “lifestyle design” thing.
  • Why the world’s still flattening and international diversification is only going to accelerate.


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Episode length: 31:12


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