TMBA 124 (TTR13) – The “Never Launch Strategy” – A Profitable Approach to Information Products

This post’s photo was taken by @AnythingIan not 40 hours ago near Sapa, Vietnam. Do visit if you get a chance.

Hey there weekend warriors! I’m happy to announce that Tropical Talk Radio (iTunes link) will now be a weekly show for entrepreneurs seeking some weekend inspiration. That means I’ll try to get you new episodes by happy hour on Friday evening.

This week I’m joining you from from Vietnam’s capital city of Hanoi. Tiger beer (via nearby Singapore) is my unofficial sponsor. If a brand manager is reading this post, why not send me a tank top or something?!

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In this episode I’ll get on my soapbox and offer an alterative to the militaristic “launches” happening around the web.

I’ll also share one of my favorite interviews from the recent Tropical MBA event. My new friend JP recently confirmed he’ll be quitting his job and traveling after having solidly proved his business concept over the past few months. Congrats JP!

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Listen to this episode and learn:

  • What most launch gurus just gloss over.
  • How to decide when you are ready to launch your product.
  • Why talking about benefits over features can actually screw up your launch.
  • How to find and cultivate super profitable affiliates.

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