TMBA 187 (LBP155) – The Power of Negative Action – Optionality, Convexity, and Anitfragility

Dan and Ian are coming at you this week after some intense reflection and mindset shifts.  This episode is all about the power of negative action and leveraging the inevitable changes in the world as a small business entrepreneur.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s book, Anti-Fragile inspires the content for today’s show and the fellas mold his frameworks of anti-fragility, robustness and capitalizing on chaos to you as an entrepreneur.  You might want to schedule some reflection time after this episode because it will leave you re-thinking your strategy and applying the principles in this week’s episode.

Are You Robust or Anti-Fragile?

  • How scalable actions set you up for exponential growth options in the future.
  • A method for identifying negative actions to eliminate from your business.
  • How to determine whether your actions exist in a high-upside environment.
  • Why getting a master’s degree actually restricts your options instead of expanding them.
  • How to invest yourself elegantly to leverage higher outcome tasks.


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Episode length: 18:52

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