TMBA 153 (TTR23) – The Rule of 6 (Plus 5 Sociopathic Tactics)

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It’s time for another Tropical Talk Radio podcast, which gets published every Friday afternoon (Hong Kong time). Here’s the link to subscribe in Itunes if you haven’t already done so. In this week’s episode I respond to a few reader emails I received this week.

Listen to this episode and hear about:

  • Whether you’re a freelancer or CEO, you only only have 6 high-bandwidth relationships in your life.
  • Choose these relationships deliberately or they will be chosen for you.
  • Cultivate and nurture these relationships to get the maximum value out of them.
  • Establish clear system and processes for how you handle each of the 6 people in your life and how it affects your business.
  • Don’t hold yourself back by saying growing your business means more stress. Remember, it’s always 6 people.
  • Empower yourself by creating more systems and deliberately cultivating these relationships.

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My Notes on Rob’s Breakdown

  1. Talk less.
    1. They tell you more about themselves.
    2. They feel more in tune with you.
    3. While they are doing this, you need to build a strong rapport.
      1. Go on. Can you tell me more?
      2. “To be be interesting, be interested.”
  2. Change the way you dress.
    1. “One peg theory.”
    2. You should always dress one peg above the people you want to influence.
      1. Specific tactics.
      2. Not make anyone feel intimidated or out of place to be around you.
      3. If you understand what they respond to, you’ll develop empathy because you’ll see them.
      4. You can sometimes go the opposite way.
  3. Create contrast within your actions. Alter your behavior.
    1. When you want to make a point it’s important that you contrast your behavior.
    2. Cultivate an image and a personality, but allows you to be relaxed and grab attention when you need it.
  4. “If you want a relationships with powerful people, you need to be worthy of the relationship.”
    1. Always be worth being in the relationship.
    2. Provide massive amounts of value. Improve the quality of someone else’s life.
    3. You are of a high enough status in your society to provide value to other’s.
      1. Compliment.
      2. Send them things that will improve their lives.
  5. Stay short, sharp, clear, and enjoyable. Don’t waste people’s time with email.
    1. Understand the value of other’s time.

Episode length: 20:52

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