TMBA 677: Digital Nomad Cities for 2023 and Choosing Between ‘Scaling Up’ And ‘Traction’

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Some call it ‘revenge travel’, others just call it ‘getting back to normal’ but people in the location independent community are, for sure, hitting the road again. In this week’s show, Dan and Ian look at what factors feed into creating ‘digital nomad hotspots’, and the possible new emerging cities suggested by listeners of this podcast, and members of the ‘Dynamite Circle’.

They also discuss how they are going about implementing systems in their newest business, ‘Dynamite Jobs’, the pros and cons of those prescribed by ‘Traction’ and ‘Scaling Up’, and why they chose to work with a facilitator:

‘We  did some of the exercises wrong. It’s not that we didn’t understand them. But maybe we didn’t understand the intent and how they fit into the bigger part of the picture. So I found it really helpful to do the exercises with someone because we were exposed to a bunch of exercises, and now we get to pick and choose based on the way that we filled it out. So I felt, in a lot of ways, we condensed it by having a facilitator help us’.

Listen and Learn:

  • The factors that contribute to a successful ‘digital nomad’ city
  • Why ‘Scaling Up’ v ‘Traction’ is kinda like Google v Apple
  • The pros of hiring a systems facilitator
  • The power of systemizing your business

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