TMBA August News Updates

For two and a half years we’ve been sending weekly news emails to our subscribers. They included links to our favorite reads of the week, and a description of that week’s podcast. Occassionally we’d announce things like events or masterminds at the end of those emails.

In retrospect, I wish we would have published those newsletters here at the blog as well, especially since we weren’t putting up many articles, and we’d removed the “news” segment from our podcast.

Going forward, I’ll use the blog as a place to record what we’ve been up to.

We’ll still send emails, but only one or two a month.

This month, I’ve been spending a ton of time working on our annual event “DCBKK.” If you want a chance to register (and you qualify), you should put your email address in the box below this post. I’ll send an email about it in the coming weeks.

Here’s some facts about DCBKK:

  • This is our fifth year hosting the event.
  • It’s the annual gathering for DC members (to qualify, you must have a minimum of 50K+ in revenue, be location independent and have a team in place).
  • About 250 entrepreneurs attend.
  • There’s a full day of in-person masterminds before the event, which the majority of attendees choose to go to.
  • It’s hosted at a cool 5-star hotel.
  • The core of the event happens on the 15th and 16th, but meetups start the 12th.
  • The event is primarily composed of small meetups and workshops (generally about 30 people) on topics like: Creating Standard Operating Procedures that work, Amazon FBA selling, Hiring and Firing, Scaling Businesses Past the 7-Figure Mark, Bitcoin, Homeschooling and Familes, Remote Real Estate Investing, Scaling Productized Services, Mindset and Mindfulness, Content Marketing For Ecommerce, Buying and Selling Online Businesses, Landing Page Optimization, Email Funnels, Offshore Banking, Developing Hardware Products, Managing Remote Development Teams, Scaling SaaS Companies… ok, I’ll stop there, but I could go on. You might be thinking, “really?” Well, yeah. These few hundred entrepreneurs could all be speakers at most “learn how to be an entrepreneur” conferences. They’ve got a lot of know-how and want to meet with others who have the same.
  • Most attendees have a home base but travel seasonally, or for business. The most popular regions are:
    • USA (~40%)
    • EU
    • Commonwealth countries
  • Many fly to DCBKK and use it as a chance to meet their friends and, thereafter, visit entrepreneurial hotspots in the region like Hong Kong, Singapore, China (Canton Fair), Philippines (remote development and customer service teams), or ‘nomadic’ lifestyle hubs like Thailand and Vietnam.

I mention all this for two reasons:

  • Even though this blog has been quiet for the past few years, what’s been going on below the blog has been busier than ever (for example, there have been more than 80 masterminds formed this year by DCers).
  • If you want to hear more details about DCBKK, and future events like it, you should put your email in the box below.

We don’t yet have a sophisticated subscription system based on preferences (that’s partly why we’re hiring), hopefully that’s something we can add in the near future. In the meantime, I’ll try to post more news publicly here.



PS, I used to think that investing in non-SV startup businesses was a waste of time, but a handful of DCers are doing it successfully and have tipped me off to That model has me thinking much differently. Ian and I are looking to make some investments in readers’ businesses in 2016, so hopefully some news on that front shortly. Regarding investing, Snowball is a great read (h/t @TravisJamison who, I find, shares a lot of good reads on Twitter). It’s also worth checking out’s co-founder’s blog, which is excellent:

PPS, I have now put up four Tuesday morning blog posts in a row. Even though I’m cheating with news updates and job ads, it feels good!