TMBA 123 (LBP111) – South East Asia’s Top 6 Business Travel Destinations

Dan and Ian have been busy hopscotching across SE Asia the past couple weeks (Bali, Philippines, China, Vietnam) and have plans to continue the journey later in July with a motorbike excursion in Cambodia.

All this travel got the guys thinking about the places they go and the things they love/hate about each place. More importantly, how a location independent entrepreneur can live and work from these locations and still be straight hustlin’.

Just another morning view in Sapa, Vietnam

Where Are Dan & Ian’s Top 6 SE Asian Travel Destinations?

  • Singapore
  • China (Shenzhen & Hong Kong specifically)
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam
  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Cambodia

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Listener Questions

  • Would I be better off focusing on one good niche  and building one site at a time (like the surfboard racks guy you featured) or try to create more of an all things trailers site and target all of these keywords? – From Nate
  • I believe that you have directly/indirectly made me decide to focus on my passion which you may know by now is health, more specifically raw diet.  THEN I read to stop trying to figure out what I love, but I already know. ALSO….How do I ensure that I get there by day 1000? – From Jeff


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