TMBA 122 (LBP110) – Tropical MBA And The Power Of Conditioning Content

Dan and Ian are jet-setting around Asia for the next month between Tropical MBA sessions, currently doing some money biznass in Hong Kong.

First Tropical MBA Group Chillin’ In The Philippines

After the first Tropical MBA was so much fun and so successful, not only did they decide to host yet another session in October 2012, but the effectiveness of the program caused them to stop and re-evaluate their online priorities. All good businesses grow and change, and Tropical MBA is doing that as well.

What Are The Three Most Important Things They Learned?

  • The Power Of Content Conditioning
  • How Are People Moving Their Feet – Not How They Are Moving Their Mouth
  • The Power Of In-Person
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Tropical MBA Alumni (Session #1)


Just The Tips

Excellent Photos in Puerto Galera from Tommy Schultz Photography

Have fun. Leave a comment. Send us a voicemail message!. Go make it happen! :)

Episode length: 17:35


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