TMBA 178 (LBP148) – “Up or Out” – Re-Setting Your Strategic Scope

Dan and Ian go deep during this week’s podcast and start talking long term strategy and revitalizing your entrepreneurial drive with a focus on the philosophy that motivates your actions.  This isn’t an episode for passive listening so strap on your thinking caps.

The fellas discuss the difference between their current drives and motives and what spurred them forward when they were first starting out in entrepreneurship.  This combined with talk of narrowing your focus and thinking more strategically about your project involvement makes for a juicy episode.  Pop in your earbuds and listen in for an eye opening adventure.

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Business

  • Why you might not notice the biggest cost in your business and what you can do about it.
  • How to utilize SOD’s in context to amplify your employees’ growth.
  • Why switching focus from your business to your industry can have a profound effect on sales.
  • The difference between SOD’s and Scope documents and their synergistic effect.


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Episode length: 22:51

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