TMBA 235: 2 China Factory Sourcing Strategies (and Business Updates)

This week, Bossman is back on the scene, and we are going over a host of specific updates about our businesses. In particular, we really get into what kinds of challenges we’ve faced manufacturing our own product, how we’ve been handling our relationships with our Chinese suppliers, some ways that you can save money with manufacturing and a whole lot more.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Some of the lessons we’ve learned working with our Chinese suppliers.
  • How we’ve managed to handle 100% year-to-year growth and the challenges that have come with that.
  • Some things we’ve learned trying to get our new Software-as-a-Service product off the ground.
  • How taking greater responsibility, setting higher goals, and building a team can lead to more freedom.

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Dan & Ian

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