Where Gary Vee’s Ideas About the Hustle Meet the Location Independent Lifestyle

If you’ve taken a listen to the most recent episode of the Lifestyle Business Podcast (I think its our best one), Ian was telling me how much he loves Gary Vaynerchuk’s enthusiasm for doing what you love in business and working hard– so I had to go check him out. I’m hoping you’ll take a look at a few of his videos. I think a few of his messages can be directly applied to the benefits of a location independent approach to business.

I believe in the next decade we are going to see a huge relocation of ambitious, talented, online business people re-locating to premier lifestyle locations in the developing world. Here’s the kicker: affordability is only one reason. I’ve got a slew of reasons why relocating to the developing world can help jump start your online start up, and I’ll be pulling together videos on that topic over the next few weeks.

Most people work their entire lives just to buy their time. I believe you can afford it now.

Here’s some Gary Vee links to get you started kicking ass.

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PS, Some people have been asking me what’s up with the feature photos here and at the Lifestyle Business Podcast. They are all random shots taken by me (I am awful with a camera) on my iPhone 3GS. The photos are always recent. They have no relation to the content of the posts (maybe I’ll change that someday). I don’t even own a camera, all videos and photos are taken on my phone. This photo is taken from Intramuros, Manila, of the skyline in the Ermita area.