TMBA 024 (LBP24) – Why Chris Ducker Wants to Manage 200 Employees from His Laptop, and What it Takes to Make It

The audio quality of this podcast starts off pretty rough and then improves around the 2:00 mark.

Chris Ducker and I got together in Manila last week to talk about a broad range of sweeeet business goings ons, we turned on the tape recorder for some of it. Here I’ve published the parts pertaining to the lifestyle elements of running his business.

Listen to Episode #24.

Some of the topics we talk about:

  • What’s its like being a Lifestyle Designer (Chris doesn’t use this term, but I do!) with 200 employees.
  • Why Chris decided to become a ‘virtual CEO.’
  • How a 200 person business gets bootstrapped from nothing (with the help of some VA’s!).
  • Why Chris launched
  • Why Chris hired 2 virtual assistants (even thought he has 200 employees).
  • – Where Chris hired his VA’s
  • Why Chris came to Asia and the Philippines, and why he’s staying.
  • Why Chris believes passion is the most important trait in an Entrepreneur.
  • The highs and lows of being an Entrepreneur.

Folks on this episode:

@TropicalMBA (Dan)

@ChriscDucker (Chris)

Episode length: 14:51

Listen to Episode #24.

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