TMBA 062 (LBP62) – 5 Countries, 3 Companies, 1 Hell of a Party and Why Your Internet Business Should Be Based in Hong Kong

Dan and Ian travelled 5 different countries over the last few weeks. Each of these places comes with many reasons to do business or live.

In this episode, you’ll find out why Dan and Ian travel, live and do business in the following locations:

  • USA
  • China
  • Bali/Indonesia
  • Philippines
  • Hong Kong

Besides that, we have a quick tip that will increase your email productivity and give you updates on what we’ve been up to (had a party in the Philippines, rented a house in Bali, ran a new internship.) You’ll also learn why Hong Kong is the best place to incorporate if you’re doing online business.

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Episode length: 35:35

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Venice Beach






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Quiet neighborhood in Seminyak

Backyard of our compound

Kuta Beach


Floating Bar in Subic Bay

White Beach, Puerto Galera

Hong Kong:

Hong Kong

The #TMBAParty (Summit):