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Latest Episodes


TMBA616: The True Cost of Burnout, Anxiety, and Entrepreneurial Depression

Today’s episode is all about mental health, depression, anxiety, and the effect that these things can have on the way that we run our businesses.

Benny Lewis is the founder of Fluent in 3 months, and he recently opened up about his own struggles at our unofficial DCx event in London a few weeks ago.

While his business was “successful” by many traditional metrics, his personal life was far from it.

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TMBA615: 8 Simple Steps for Improving Your Sales Funnel

This week’s episode is full of actionable advice for anyone who is looking to improve their revenue and optimize their sales.

We were taking notes throughout the entire conversation with today’s guest, and by the time it had ended, it felt like we had taken part in an incredible workshop.

John Ainsworth is the founder of Data Driven Marketing, and he has recently started a group that coaches course creators who are looking to increase the revenue of their business.

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TMBA614: The Lifestyle Ladder

This week’s podcast is inspired by a blog post that we published back in 2014.

That post was titled “What is the Real Cost of the Permanent Travel Lifestyle?” and many of the points we touched on in that article are still being discussed by people in our community today.

One of those people is Jesse Schoberg.

Jesse is the founder of DropInBlog, and he is all too familiar with the challenges of bootstrapping his way up the “Lifestyle Ladder”.

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TMBA613: Is It Possible to Raise a Family as a Digital Nomad?

We’ve seen a lot of great conversations take place in our private community The Dynamite Circle as of late.

One of our favorites came in the form of a thread titled “Is Digital Nomadism Possible to Combine With Having a Family?”

While there were many insightful responses in that thread, one member, in particular, caught our attention.

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TMBA612: Mailbag: Avoiding Drama in Your Business

We are once again reaching into the mailbag this week to answer some pressing questions from the Tropical MBA audience.

This is a somewhat unorthodox episode, as we are “shooting from the hip” on a variety of items that have come across our desk in the past few months.

We’ll be discussing how to structure your teams (specifically in an agency), tips for staying focused on what’s important in your business, and how to avoid the dreaded “D-word” in your business: drama.

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TMBA611: Should You Bootstrap or Seek Funding For Your Startup?

Today’s guest has been on an incredible journey that touches on so many of our favorite entrepreneurial milestones.

Derek Pankaew is the co-founder of Mythia, a financial startup that has partnered with banks to create a debit card aimed exclusively at gamers.

He has experienced just about every entrepreneurial path, from running a “4-Hour Workweek” business built on passive income, to seeking out more ambitious projects in the San Francisco startup community, and eventually raising roughly 2.2 million dollars in venture capital funding.

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