TMBA298: A 10 True Clients Business Model Case Study

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A common misconception in business today is that you have to build an audience of hundreds or thousands of people in order to sell something successfully. The fact is, when you’re getting started, you won’t have an audience like that. We have talked over and over again about why we believe in starting with ten true clients. One of our longtime podcast listeners, Sophia Bera, has found great success doing just that. Sophia is the founder of, where she provides affordable financial planning services for people in their 20’s and 30’s. This week we’re talking with Sophia about how she has managed to replace her income in just over two years, why she didn’t agree with some of the practices in the financial planning industry and how she was able to turn that into an opportunity.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How Sophia and Gen Y Planning have changed the way that the financial industry does business.
  • How Sophia arrived at a ten true clients business model.
  • What Sophia did to land her first few clients.
  • How many leads Sophia is getting every month and how many are turning into true clients.
  • How Sophia hired her team and what she looks for in her team members.
  • Why Sophia is able to charge some of her clients $500 for a single phone call.

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