TMBA 181 (LBP150) – Imperfection and Getting on With It

Dan and Ian are back this week after an ill advised April fool’s joke earlier this week.  Don’t panic though, according to the fellas, the podcast is the best part of their business so they’re not going anywhere… except Paris where they’re hanging out this week.

Rather fitting for this episode, Dan and Ian talk about imperfection in business and how it’s not all rose petals and unicorns.  The stars won’t align themselves for you so tune in to hear the top five things that new entrepreneurs tend to spend too much time worrying about instead of generating income.

Get it Out to the World

  • Why going for perfection can become a mental crutch to your business growth.
  • The mindset about personal finances that can set you free.
  • How you’ll never have perfect timing to ask for the sale so just start asking.
  • Why you don’t need to worry about your incorporation paperwork so much.
  • The ground zero method of getting started on the right financial foot.


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Episode length: 19:08

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