Recommended Reading: 50 Books I Loved in 2013

Part of my motivation for becoming an entrepreneur is that I wanted to free up some time to do the things I like to do– and there’s few things I like to do more than reading (and increasingly, listening to) books.

Since TMBA readers have proven to be book lovers as well, I figured a reading list would make for a good 2013 round-up post.

To create this list I pulled my Amazon and Audible records (very convenient!). Because of this, I did not list books that: were paper, were pirated, were eBooks outside of the Amazon platform, or were given to me. Hopefully my favorite authors from that batch will find their way to the 2014 list.

I also omitted titles that I did not like, or were way off “TMBA” topics.

If you have a book suggestion for me, I’ve love if you’d share the title in the comments (in particular if it’s on Audible as I have a few open credits and will be doing a lot of travel this month!).

Top 10 (in no particular order):

40 Honorable mentions (I enjoyed all these books, they are listed in no particular order):

Hope you find something in there you love! Your suggestions are encouraged!

Cheers and happy 2014,