TMBA572: 4 Things We’ve Learned From Building a New Software Platform

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We’ve been receiving a ton of requests recently from listeners who want to hear an “old school” episode, so this week Dan and Ian are jumping on the horn to talk about the progress that they’ve made with their remote jobs business Dynamite Jobs.

Since the start of the summer, we’ve been building a new software platform designed to make the hiring process a whole lot easier for entrepreneurs.

Just a few weeks ago, we finally started onboarding users into the platform.

So far the results have been remarkable, but the challenges immense.

In today’s episode, we’re sharing four specific things that we’ve learned from creating a brand new software product.

You’ll hear updates about some key figures in our business, how running a SaaS business has differed from a lot of our other ventures, and a whole lot more.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Our vision moving forward for Dynamite Jobs. (6:44)
  • The new software product that we’ve been developing. (17:24)
  • The similarities and differences between SaaS and physical products. (25:10)
  • Why getting a CTO was essential for us to start building software. (35:50)
  • The emotional complexity of running a SaaS business. (40:01)

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