TMBA 665: Reaching A $4M Run Rate In Less Than A Year

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What began as a window cleaning service he started at college has now spun into a multi-million business for today’s guest Johnny Robinson. In January 2022 he co-founded Home Services Academy, a 90 day program and ongoing community which coaches others to reach five figures MRR by either starting their own cleaning business, or making an existing one more profitable.

Johnny talks to Dan about their sales process, the pros and cons of implementing the ‘Scaling Up’ operating system, and why he feels he held on to his former business model for too long:

“If you’ve been plugging away, and you’re not seeing the growth, maybe it’s time to take the skill set and what you’ve learned somewhere else … What I’ve realised, after building a few different businesses, is when you’re in the weeds of things you start to find problems within that industry that are very, very niche. But you’re like, ‘Well, that would probably be a better business than the one I’m running’”.

 Listen and learn:

  • The issues of scale in Window Cleaning businesses
  • Benefits of running a 90-day program
  • Why doubling down on Instagram has paid dividends
  • Implementing ‘Scaling Up’, what’s worked, and what hasn’t

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