TMBA 064 (LBP64) – 6 Ways to Get Laid or Get Paid

Dan and Ian talk about 6 tips that both help you get a date and make more sales. Sales and seduction techniques are strikingly similar in many ways, studying one will also improve your success in the other area.

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Quick Tips

Tip from David Crandall, originally posted at Dynamite Circle, our private community for entrepreneurs..

Remember when Dan & Ian made their list of things they’d “never” do? One of their “never do this” was searching competitors’ sites for any files they have laying around their domain. Customer lists, project plans, ebooks they are charging for elsewhere…that kind of thing.


Since they would never do that, they would also never want to use this bookmarklet either. Clicking on it while on a site opens a new tab and Googles the entire domain (regardless of how deep you were into the site) for any of the following file types:

  • PDF
  • DOC
  • TXT
  • XLS
  • MP3
  • ZIP

I would also “never” do this and would never have a few HUNDRED megabytes of files from doing this. Nope, no sir. Never.


Which means I didn’t rush right out and create this bookmarklet code or that I now use it multiple times a day every single day whenever I visit a new site (make sure to remove any line breaks that the forum might add):

javascript:var domain=location.href.replace(/^.+:///,”);domain=domain.replace(//.*$/,”);domain=domain.replace(/^.*.(?=.+.)/,”);‘’+domain+’+filetype:pdf OR filetype:doc OR filetype:txt OR filetype:xls OR filetype:mp3 OR filetype:zip’);


INSTRUCTIONS: I wish I could figure out how to just make this a draggable link, but alas…I could not; javascript does not like to play nice with HTML in forums. To use this code, right-click on your bookmark bar and select “Add page”. Give it a title (mine is called File Search) and paste all of the the above code in italics in the URL section. Then visit a site and give it a try…or rather don’t. Nope, you shouldn’t do that at all.


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