TMBA398: Evolve or Die

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Dan and Ian often speak on this podcast about how businesses and entrepreneurs evolve.

Today’s guest, Michael Erickson, has certainly done that since the last time he spoke on the show.

Michael’s journey started, as many of ours do, staring at a blank Google search screen and typing in the words “How do I make money online?”

Several years later, Michael has spoken at a couple of the Dynamite Circle events and he was on this podcast last December, sharing his journey of building a 6 figure services business called Search Scientists.

Michael has recently started a new company called AdBadger, which is in essence a software version of his previous company.

On this week’s show, you’ll hear Michael share his insight on how to do something that most services entrepreneurs only dream of doing: selling a product.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How Michael got started in a services business. (5:20)
  • The biggest limiter that Michael faced at Search Scientists. (9:55)
  • Why Michael decided to move on rather than just stick with what was working. (16:34)
  • The benefits of taking a stairstep approach to bootstrapping. (22:44)
  • Why AdBadger chose to sponsor the DC Austin event and what the future holds for them. (29:03)

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