TMBA257: Thoughts On Recruiting Effective Affiliates

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Bossman is back this week and we are talking about affiliate relationships. How do you get others to promote your products? We’ll talk about how to “write the religion” and give potential content publishers a reason to tap into your narrative. We also field several listener questions, including what to look for when hiring your first employee, and the ins and outs of establishing business credit.

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Unpluggin From the Webz

Unpluggin From the Webz

  • The two different kinds of affiliate relationships.
  • How the nature of affiliate relationships is changing.
  • The difference between affiliate tokens and content tokens.
  • How “needle turning” relationships are made in person, and take time to develop.
  • Why you should be building a product first and having a culture and brand to follow.

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Bossman Vs. a Giant Tree

Bossman Vs. a Giant Tree

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