TMBA 635: The AntiWork Movement

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The ‘AntiWork Movement’ has been with us for decades but, through the pandemic, it’s gained a new traction over at the online discussion forum ‘Reddit’, where the r/antiwork subreddit group (slogan: “Unemployment for all, not just the rich!”) has over 1.7 million subscribers. Just recently, a controversial media interview by one of the moderators caused the thread to be temporarily locked.

Today Dan and Ian discuss why, in some ways, they’re sympathetic to some of the AntiWork Movement’s points but not necessary the ways they go about addressing them:

“We have a lot of the same founding premises, maybe in 2007/2008 timeframe, we’d say, ‘Hey, we’re gonna quit our jobs and start a lifestyle business because we don’t want to be subjected to the poor outcomes, and the poor treatment, a lot of the American workforce sees. But also, we saw a changing tide in technology and globalisation, and a necessity to employ a new strategy to be able to achieve wealth and freedom in this new environment”.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why technology is deflationary (7’46”)
  • Is capitalism a decision or a technology? (19’40”)
  • How debt has been a political tool, historically (27’20”)
  • Cultivating an ‘immigrant mentality’ (41’06”)

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