TMBA305: Building Teams of A Players

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This week we are talking about hiring. If you have a business that has less than 15 employees, every single employee has to be an A Player. You can’t afford to have B and C level players working for you. This is specifically aimed at everyone out there who should be hiring, or has hired employees. This episode is full of 301 and 401 level material, and you absolutely need to pass this class if you are going to have a successful business. We’ll be talking all about how to hire A players and how to purge B and C players from your business.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • The definition of an A Player and why they are so important to your business.
  • How we have been able to recognize A Players in the past and how we found them.
  • Why you should write job descriptions that looks like sales ads, and focus on attitude instead of skills.
  • Why it might take 6-12 months of working with someone to determine if their skill level.
  • The things that can deceive you into thinking that someone is an A Player.
  • How to get B and C Players out of your business.

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