TMBA425: Meet The Deal Master

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A few months back, Dan and Ian shared a conversation on this show about a failed car negotiation that Ian was involved in.

The response we received from listeners was pretty overwhelming, and the results were unanimous: people want to hear more about those types of dealmaking situations.

So, we decided to invite a very special guest on to the show.

Corey Rueth is Ian’s mentor in the world of dealmaking. Over the past few years, Corey has greatly influenced Ian’s approach and has also helped save Ian thousands of dollars.

In this episode, Corey shares his stories, tips, and strategies about what it takes to make killer deals.

These don’t just apply to car sales either. We believe that anyone listening to this episode can learn something which will help them make money in this way. And this is something which, in turn, can contribute to your journey towards personal financial freedom.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How you can create a side hustle by buying and selling anything. (3:58)
  • Why it is important to build a rapport with the people you are dealing with. (13:26)
  • The benefits of pursuing complete authenticity during the negotiation process. (18:11)
  • Why it pays to be uncomfortable. (33:24)
  • Whether this business is the type of asset that someone could walk away from. (1:04:49)

Mentioned in the episode:

Car Skiing

This week’s sponsor:

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