In a Fight to the Death, Do You Choose Bat or Knife?

Happy new year! Tomorrow I’m heading to Singapore to explore the city for a week. If you are there, I’d love to meet you for lunch.

When meeting new people, I’ve found it’s useful and fun to have a small inventory of conversation topics that are fun for everyone to participate in. This week, I’ve stumbled on to an oddly captivating topic with my old friends and new acquaintances. It’s led to hour-long arguments, Youtube research, silly business ideas, and grown men pantomiming deadly fights on the streets of New York.

We are trying to answer the question: in a fight to the death with an equally matched opponent, would you choose a bat or a knife?

Your decision might say something about who you are. Or not. Either way, all of my friends will be reading your replies.

Here are the rules:

  • Your opponent will be randomly selected from your peer group (age, gender, weight, basic background) etc.
  • The bat is a wood standard Louisville Slugger.
  • The knife is 12-14″ bowie knife. The blade length is roughly 60% of that.
  • You will start 14 ft. away from each other.
  • The fight will take place on a dry, grassy field.
  • The fight is to the death.


Bat or knife? One word comments are cool! I’m looking for a tally. I’ve got a bunch of ideas on this, but I don’t want to influence the count.

Try this one out with your friends and let me know where it goes. Make sure you’ve got some time, and perhaps a wiffle ball bat and a paper towel roll, if you are the scientific type ;)

Cheers from the USA,


PS, you can download that Bruce Lee wallpaper here.