Ask Us Anything: Relationships, Business, Living Abroad, and More

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This episode is a pretty unique one. In this week’s newsletter we reached out to our listeners and encouraged them to ask us just about anything that was on their minds. It turns out an overwhelming number of people wanted to know more about our lifestyles and what goes into the creation of the show. Ian and I are going to take you Behind the Scenes on this week’s episode. We’ll talk about the difficulties of having relationships on the road, what it’s like to live as an expatriate, a little about our hobbies, and how we spend our time.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • What kind of goals we have running a lifestyle business.
  • The biggest financial benefits and drawbacks of living abroad.
  • How much money it costs to move to Thailand and get an apartment.
  • Tips for people who are not technically savvy but want to become location independent.
  • How we manage our personal lives and relationships while traveling.
  • What we do in our free time and what have been working on lately.

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