TMBA 200 (LBP165) – Building Strong Communities

Ian is back in the US of A hanging out in California, while Dan’s living the high life in Hong Kong. The guys are looking forward to joining up in Vietnam next week, but for now, it’s time for the LBP.

This week’s topic came in from Trevor Pirtle from Real Life English who asked Dan and Ian to dig deep and spill the beans on their unorthodox but powerful ways to grow a community. He also wanted to know some of the common misconceptions people have about community building.

Set it and forget it? Forget it…

  • 2 misconceptions about building a membership community that could save your business.
  • How to embody the connector’s mentality.
  • The beneficial reading concept and how you can learn something from everyone.
  • Why advocating for ideas and not purchases can be the key to success.
  • The downfall that is the marketers mentality and what to do to avoid it.


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  • July 19 – DCx Amsterdam
  • October 18 – DC BKK
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Episode length: 19:15

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