TMBA274: When You’ve Built Yourself a Job Instead of a Business

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With the help of our friend Taylor Pearson from, we are continuing our 5 part series. The first episode was about making that first $1,000 of income. This episode is all about the next phase of a business, where you are starting to make a living, but you’re trying to figure out how to scale that and turn it into a real asset. We’ll talk about how we got out of our jobs and built a business, how long we were living broke for and the fundamental difference between building yourself a job and a business.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why you should be building in as much margin as you possibly can in the beginning.
  • How to structure your business to focus on the pipeline.
  • Why you should be more like Dilbert.
  • When and how we decided to hire our first employee.
  • What it means to “Optimize for Interesting” and why you should be doing it.
  • The benefits of living broke.

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