TMBA 663: Overrated and Underrated Business Concepts with Noah Kagan

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This show is a ‘drop in’ to the kind of conversations Dan and Ian have been having all summer long in their co-working space in Barcelona, as fellow entrepreneurs have come by the city. And today they’re joined by one of our favorite guests, AppSumo founder Noah Kagan.

The idea is a simple one – let’s just have some fun, and hopefully useful insights, rating some of the popular business memes and ideas that have taken traction in the online business world. Which ones are overrated, underrated or appropriately-rated? The discussion includes – the value of coaches, the necessity of hiring a Chief Technical Officer, cold email outreach and more:

“Where it’s like, ‘I have a great idea. I just need a technical partner’, 100% overrated.  Because when you’re starting any business what you’re really focusing on is – what is the actual problem you’re solving, not a technical need. What often happens is people are using that as an excuse for rejection. And they’re using an excuse from fear”.

 Listen and learn:

  • How to enhance cold email outreach
  • Which types of coaches are underrated
  • When is the time to hire a CTO
  • The advantages of geographically located teams

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