TMBA 148 (LBP129) – ROUND 1 – Business Idea Smackdown – Dan “Coconut Crusher” Andrews vs. Ian “Benjamins by Birth” Schoen

Dan’s bean bag sitting in Bali, intermittently nuking himself off the internet to make sure he gets his book taken care of on time while Ian’s in San Diego taking care of business like a boss.

After getting some inspiration from the Adsense Flippers, Dan and Ian decided to go for a knock down drag out four-rounder this week. They asked Taylor, the new guy on the team, to put together 4 unique business premises. Dan and Ian come up with unique solutions to each premise and it’s up to you guys to decide who came out on top.

Business Idea Smackdown

  • What Dan and Ian would do different if they could start over again today.
  • How to get from $0 to $3000/month ASAP.
  • How to go from freelancer to business owner. Getting out out of the time for money trade.
  • Two ideas you can Rip, Pivot and Jam on for cash money today.


Just The Tips

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Have fun. Leave a comment. Go make it happen! :)

Episode length: 37:03


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