TMBA 670: Business Updates: Remote First Recruiting, How Much Is Enough, And a Return To ‘The Europe Question’

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In this week’s show Dan and Ian share their Q4 business updates, including the reasons why they have decided to launch an agency – Remote First Recruiting, which is targeted at startup founders, under the Dynamite Jobs umbrella.

“The best customers of a job board typically have super strong hiring practices that are built over the years … (they’ve) hired for the same position multiple times. Whereas with an agency customer, which are typically startup founders, they’re seeking to buy those systems into their business. They know they need to hire, they might be hiring 10 times a year. But every time it’s a little bit different, and they want to purchase the systems. That’s what the agency does.”

Plus, responses to some great listener questions, including: how much money is ‘enough money’, the mindset challenges of living off capital, and some further reflections on ‘The Europe Question’.

Listen and Learn:

  • Why Dan and Ian resisted starting another agency, and why they were wrong
  • Some challenges with the content on this podcast
  • Thoughts about the mindset around living off capital
  • Some reasons why Dan and Ian may expand their ‘summer in Europe’ in 2023

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