TMBA491: Breaking Up is Still Hard to Do

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Dan and Ian have shared a lot of business success stories on this podcast over the years.

We love hearing those on the show, but sometimes the tougher experiences that entrepreneurs have endured are the ones that we learn from most.

Freddy Lansky is the co-founder of iChess, which sells chess videos, courses and DVDs online. Recently, Freddy decided to leave that business, choosing to dissolve an eight-year partnership with one of his closest friends.

On today’s episode, Freddy joins us to talk about the origins of iChess, how he felt trapped in a business that was no longer fulfilling to him, and how he and his partner navigated their breakup amicably.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How Freddy and his partner Will founded iChess. (3:36)
  • When the cracks started to show in their partnership. (10:21)
  • What finally made Freddy decide that he needed to leave the business. (18:30)
  • How Freddy approached Will to let him know that he wanted out. (25:17)
  • How the two of them came to a mutual agreement on Freddy’s exit. (30:43)

Mentioned in the episode:

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