TMBA370: The Saturday Morning Side Hustle

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Dan and Ian have always been fascinated by how people find, and create, profitable businesses that they also find rewarding.

Today’s guest not only works for one of the most successful startups in San Francisco but, at the same time, has built a successful online ‘side hustle’ in the form of an SEO training course.

Tommy Griffith is the founder of ClickMinded SEO Training. On this week’s episode, you’ll hear how he worked on ideas by setting aside Saturday mornings for reading, podcast listening and thinking. Tommy also shares his thoughts about what you need to give up to be an entrepreneur, and why he thinks there are great opportunities for entrepreneurs in the educational space.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How Tommy’s income from ClickMinded compares to his salary from AirBNB. (3:20)
  • Why it is more important to pursue an idea that you are passionate about than an idea that is marketable. (6:30)
  • How Tommy got started teaching SEO to people outside of work. (12:21)
  • Why Tommy doesn’t believe graduate schooling is necessary anymore. (23:22)
  • Whether Tommy’s success has led to any problems with his friends. (30:50)

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